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  • Deadline for Entry to be Listed in the Printed Show Guide: January 15, 2020
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  • Rules for Entry - Please Read

    1. Product Submissions
      1. Each unit in a product line is considered a separate entry.
    2. Eligibility
      1. Entries are limited to those firms exhibiting at the HPBExpo 2020.
      2. To qualify as a new product, the submitted entry must have been introduced to the marketplace after the HPBExpo 2019, March 13-16, 2019. The product must also be displayed in the Exhibitor’s 2020 booth. Prototypes and mockups are not acceptable and will not be displayed in the New Product Pavilion. A Poster Display of the product may be displayed in the New Product Pavilion in place of actual product (see E.1.). Exhibitors are responsible for supplying Poster no larger than 16” x 20”, onsite at the convention center.
    3. Attendees Choice Awards
      1. Each product displayed in the New Product Pavilion will be an eligible entry for the HPBExpo 2020 Attendees Choice Awards. Attendees will vote for their choice of most-marketable new product in both Hearth and Outdoor Living product categories. Winners will be announced on Saturday, March 14.
    4. Limitations
      1. Any literature displayed with the product must remain within the allotted space for the product (see G.1.).
      2. Product display does not require exhibitor staffing.
    5. Entry Dimensions
      1. The dimensions of each entry set forth on the New Product Pavilion Entry Agreement shall be as the entry will be positioned for display.
      2. For 3 ft. table-top entries, the product and display materials must fit within a 2 ft. x 3 ft. space and cannot be over 40 lbs; a Poster Display not larger than 16 in. x 20 in. may be substituted for the actual product for a table-top display. The price for 3 ft. table-top entries will be $400.
      3. For 6 ft. table-top entries, the product and display materials must fit within a 2 ft. x 6 ft. space and cannot be over 80 lbs. The price for 6 ft. table-top entries will be $500.
      4. For product entries larger than 2 ft. x 6 ft. or over 80 lbs., the product will be considered free-standing (additional entry fee will apply to entries larger than 5 ft. x 10 ft). Exhibitors may choose to supply a display table or structure for free-standing entries. The price for free-standing entries will be $600.
    6. Entry Agreement
      1. Participants in the New Product Pavilion must complete the online New Product Pavilion Entry Agreement. Participants will be invoiced and must pay fees in full prior to acceptance of product.
      2. Receipt of accepted Agreements and payment will be acknowledged by HPBA by email. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact us. Unacknowledged products cannot be shown in the pavilion.
    7. Fees and Entry Deadline
      1. Registration fee is $400 per 3 ft. table-top entry; $500 per 6 ft. table-top entry; $600 per free-standing entry (additional entry fee will apply to entries larger than 5 ft. x 10 ft).
      2. Fees are due upon receipt of invoice.
      3. Checks should be made payable to HPBExpo. Credit card payments will also be accepted; authorization forms available upon request.
      4. Entries must be received no later than January 15, 2020 to be listed in the New Product Pavilion section of the printed HPBExpo 2020 Show Guide. Later submissions may be accepted according to space availability but will not be showcased in the printed HPBExpo 2020 Show Guide.
    8. Product Delivery
      1. Entry(ies) may be shipped with the Exhibitor’s Expo shipment, or separately to the convention center. 2. Exhibitors may deliver their product to the pavilion during set-up hours beginning at 1:00pm Tuesday, March 10, 2020.  Please have entry display completed in the pavilion by 1:00 Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Products are not to be delivered to the pavilion on show days.
    9. Product Display
      1. Entries will be displayed in locations determined at HPBA’s sole discretion. Exhibitors may not choose alternate locations.
      2. HPBA show management will provide signage including exhibitor’s name and booth number, product entry name and description.
      3. Pavilion products are to be displayed in a non-operational state – utility connections are not typically available and will not be provided by HPBA show management. Battery-operation may be permitted upon HPBA show management approval.
      4. Live burning is NOT allowed in the Pavilion, no exceptions.
      5. HPBA will provide signage listing exhibiting company’s name, booth number, product name, and description submitted by exhibitor in the online entry.
    10. Printed Show Guide and Online Showcase Guidelines
      1. PRODUCT IMAGE AND PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DEADLINE IS DUE JANUARY 15, 2020. Product image and product description are to be uploaded online at the time of product entry. Product shot must be submitted in PC or MAC platform in .jpg .tiff or .eps format. All art should be created at 300 dpi or better.  Images have a 2MB size limit.
      2. Product descriptions are limited to 300 characters and are to be submitted by the exhibitor at the time of online product entry.
    11. Security
      1. Although security will be employed in the New Product Pavilion during the show, HPBA show management does not assume any responsibility for losses by Exhibitors from theft, damage, etc. Exhibitors should purchase adequate insurance for their entries.
      2. Photography is not permitted in the pavilion, unless express permission is granted by the owner of the product to be photographed.
      3. Security will be instructed to allow a reasonable amount of touching, feeling, and/or holding of the product. Please notify HPBA if touching of your product shall not be permitted.
      4. Security coverage will end at 5:00pm on Saturday, March 14, 2020.
    12. On-Site Checkout of Entries
      1. Exhibitors must have the following forms of identification to pick up products: (1) 2020 Exhibitor Badge (2) Business Card.
      2. Entries are to be picked up on Saturday, March 14, between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Early pick-up will not be permitted.
      3. Exhibitors expressly agree that HPBA show management takes no responsibility for products or photographs not claimed by 5:00pm Saturday, March 14, 2020.
    13. Indemnification
      1. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend (with legal counsel satisfactory to HPBA), and hold HPBA and the Exhibit Facility harmless from any claims, demands, suits, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses which result from or arise out of or in connection with: (a) Exhibitor’s participation in or presence at the New Product Pavilion, (b) a breach by Exhibitor of any agreements, covenants, promises or other obligations under this Agreement; (c) any matter for which Exhibitor is otherwise responsible under the terms of this Agreement; (d) any violation or infringement (or claim of violation or infringement) of any law or ordinance or the rights of any party under any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right; (e) any libel, slander, defamation or similar claims resulting from the actions of Exhibitor; (f) harm or injury (including death) to Exhibitor or Exhibit Attendees; and (g) loss of or damage to property or the business or profits of Exhibitor, whether caused by negligence, intentional act, accident, act of God, theft, mysterious disappearance or otherwise.
    14. Exhibitor Agreement
      1. Exhibitor agrees that the terms and conditions of the Application & Contract for Exhibit Space applicable to Exhibitor’s 2020 HPBExpo exhibit booth(s), including without limitation the insurance requirements set forth therein, shall also be applicable to Exhibitor’s entry(ies) and participation in the New Product Pavilion.
      2. HPBA solicits and anticipates the cooperation of all participating Exhibitors in abiding by the rules established for the New Product Pavilion & Attendees Choice Awards. These rules are for the protection of the Exhibitors’ products and are designed to result in the display the products in the most professional, business-like setting.
      3. Space is limited, and eligible products will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Download the Rules for Entry here

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