Update Show Guide Listing

As a part of your participation as an exhibitor at HPBExpo, you will also receive a FREE digital booth accessible through our online interactive floor plans. You’ll need to review and update this information for the printed Show Guide. After reading the instructions below:

  • CLICK HERE to update your listing for the printed Show Guide and free Digital Booth.
  • Click to select your company’s exhibit name, then enter your password (contact Show Management if you do not have your password).


Exhibitors contracted and paid by January 18, 2016 will be printed in the Show Guide.
Listings must be reviewed and updated by January 20, 2016 for changes to appear in the printed Show Guide.


From your online digital booth, we pull the following information to print in the Show Guide. Please be sure these are updated no later than January 20, 2016 for printing:

  • Exhibitor/Company Name (must contact Show Management to alter)
  • Booth Number
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone
  • Company Fax
  • Company Email
  • Company Website URL
  • Main Contact Name (one individual only)
  • Company Description (limit – 100 words)
  • Brands and Product Categories entered online will be listed in the Show Guide Indexes.

Other details added or updated online will appear only on your online booth profile. Logos will only be printed in Show Guide if advertising insertion order is placed – see Sponsorship and Advertising information for fees and deadlines.

On any page in which you need assistance click on this icon:helpIcon

Login at http://bit.ly/16hpbexlogin (URL is case-sensitive)

Select your company name from the list. Enter your assigned password in the box provided. Click “Login” to access your digital booth editor. If you have problems logging in, contact Amy Jackson, Exhibits Manager, amyjackson@hpba.org or (703)522-0086, ext. 125.

Main Navigation

The main navigation provides you access to all of the forms required to build and maintain your digital booth.

View Booth

Click on View Booth to be shown how your listing appears within the online interactive floor plan.

Visitor Report

The Digital Booth Visitor Report displays two columns of data pertaining to visits to your digital booth. The first column is the date and time of the visit. The second column is the IP address the visitor came from. A visit is recorded when a person enters your digital booth. Every entry in the report represents one entry into the digital booth—clicking links within the digital booth is not recorded.

Business Card

The business card data appears at the top of your digital booth. It is meant to be your corporate information and not necessarily information for a specific person in the company. Simply fill out all the fields that you want attendees to see and click ‘Save.’

Address 1, Address 2, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Email

(Product) Categories

Check off the product categories you want to be listed in. Be sure to click “Save” when you are done to save your selections. Attendees will be able to search the categories to find companies providing the products/services they need. You may review your selection in the ‘Selected Categories’ area. Your company will appear in the Product Index of the printed Show Guide within the product categories chosen.

Company Profile

DATA ENTERED HERE WILL DISPLAY IN YOUR DIGITAL BOOTH AND IN THE PRINTED SHOW GUIDE. Your company profile (description) is limited to 100 words. The URL supplied on this page will also appear both online and in the printed Show Guide.

Product Showcase

The product showcase allows you to display your product(s) to the attendees of the event through your digital booth. Complete the form, providing as much information and content as possible. This data will not be printed in the Show Guide.

Media Center

This screen allows you to upload files to display in your digital booth. Be sure to upload web-ready images to display in the digital booth. A web-ready image must be a low resolution (72dpi) GIF, JPG or PNG file saved using RGB color mode. When you are finished uploading files, be sure to click “Save” to save all the data you entered.

Brands List

Enter a brand and click the “Add” button to create your list. Your company will appear in the Brand Index of the printed Show Guide within any brand listings added.

Special Events

If you are running any special events during the show, you can announce them in your digital booth. Enter the details for your special event(s). If you do not have any special events to announce, just leave these fields blank.

Company Contacts

The contact information entered here will appear in your digital booth. This should be the individual attendees can contact to setup appointments during the event, or to request information about products and services. THIS CONTACT NAME WILL BE USED IN THE PRINTED SHOW GUIDE.

Press Releases

Enter the details for your press release. Upload your press release file as a PDF. Attendees will be able to download/view the PDF file from your digital booth.

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