Exhibitor Registration

All exhibit booth personnel must register for an expo badge in order to enter indoor/outdoor exhibits and attend education. Education options are available for selection through the online process.

The booth reservation process does not register individuals for badges.

Exhibitor badge allotment can be used only for that exhibitor’s employees and family – customers need to register as an attendee under their company name.

Register Now

Expo Badges*By June 21After June 21
Member COMP allotment badgesFreeFree
Additional badges over COMP allotment $50 each$75 each
Non-Member Badge$75 each$75 each

*Member and Non-Member Exhibitors receive 2 COMP badges for every 100 sq. ft. of booth space purchased.

Expo Education (Review Full Education Program)

Education options are available for selection through the online process.

Education FeesMemberNon-member
Single Session Ticket
(Covers ONE specific session in the program.)
Three-Day Passport
(Covers all general sessions in the program.)

NFI Certification

If you plan to take an NFI Certification Exam during Expo, you must purchase through the NFI Certification website. For questions and more information, please call (703) 524-8030.

Attendee List Warning

As with many trade shows, bogus and no-name companies have been contacting HPBExpo exhibitors, claiming to represent HPBExpo (and/or leaving out important information so that it’s ambiguous whether they represent us), offering HPBExpo attendee lists or industry contact lists. They are likely combing through our online exhibitor list and doing their own research on how to contact you, as we do not list exhibitor phone or email addresses online in our exhibitor list.
As this continues to occur more and more, we want to ensure that you are aware that these companies have NO affiliation with HPBExpo. They do not have our attendee list. If you look at the breakdown of what some of these companies are offering, it does not match our audience. The lists they are offering are either self-gathered public information or a complete scam altogether. Please do not purchase any list from any company or individual claiming to have use of HPBExpo’s database, attendees, or contact information, as we do not sell this information. It is our goal to inform you that you will most likely be contacted, and that you should not respond to these offers. We also ask that you forward these offers to us, so that we may send cease and desist letters, in an effort to fight off these solicitations.



All badges issued to member and non-member companies are to be used only by that company’s employees or family.  Member and non-member companies are prohibited from providing any of their allotted badges to persons who are not employees or family.


Cameras will be allowed on the show floor, but no picture taking – including cell phone pictures – is allowed without the express approval of a company representative in the exhibitor booth that is being photographed.


In accordance with display rules and regulations and security measures, children under the age of 12 are prohibited from entering the trade show floor and Outdoor Burn Area at any time, including infants.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Children 12 and older must have a badge to enter exhibit halls.


Refunds for registration, education courses, certification packages, and meetings and events less a $10 administrative fee will be made if the request is RECEIVED IN WRITING BY MAY 19, 2021. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER THAT DATE. HPBA and CompuSystems will not accept a cancellation/refund request over the phone. No refunds for registration, education courses, certification packages, and meetings and events will be made for payments received on-site. See Exhibiting Trade Show Rules & Regulations for exhibit space cancellation and downsizing rules.


Sales or solicitations by individuals and/or firms not renting booth space in the show are prohibited.



Exhibitors are only allowed to serve alcohol from booths in the indoor and/or outdoor exhibit areas after 12:00 noon (until each day’s show floor closing), June 24 – 26, 2021.  All alcohol must be served by catering staff. Exhibitors serving any food and/or drinks must complete and submit a Variance Form to HPBA by May 28, 2021.


Under no circumstance shall booth personnel photograph and/or enter the exhibit space of another exhibitor without permission from the assigned exhibitor and at no time may anyone photograph and/or enter an exhibit space which is not staffed.  The use of deceptive and/or unethical methods to obtain information and/or gain an advantage over a competitor is strictly prohibited.  Violators may, in the discretion of show management, be penalized with the loss of priority points, ejection from the event, or any other measures as deemed appropriate.


Exhibitors are to refrain from holding any type of meeting or other event which conflicts with the Exposition and Education hours.  Hospitality suites are to remain closed during hours which conflict with the HPBA sponsored exhibition, education sessions, membership meeting, or any other HPBA-sponsored event.  See rule #20 in the exhibiting Trade Show Rules & Regulations.





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