Women in the Hearth Industry

Women in the Hearth Industry

Written and presented by industry leader Sheryl Isenhour, this seminar contains the various segments of the women who have entered the Hearth Industry and what they have accomplished and what can be achieved by others. The industry has opened many doors that can be entered by the female gender, from assisting in a business to ownership.  The hardships faced by your predecessors do not need to be felt by the females of today.  Attendance at this seminar will equip women with the knowledge of how to excel in these fields and move forward in the Hearth Industry.

Speaker:  Sheryl Isenhour
IBD Outdoor Rooms

Date(s) - Wednesday, 03/05/2014
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Salt Palace Convention Center, Room 251DE


  • Elective

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