Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Every procedure within your company should have a Standard Operating Procedure. Learn why SOPs are the number one way to provide excellent customer service.  Learn where and when to use SOP’s and where you should start. Learn how to use teams to create SOP’s (your teams know the process the best because they actually do the work), learn how to get them involved and get their input while still retaining your ultimate objective. Value stream mapping – learn the actual process, identify each step of the process, eliminate the steps that contain waste, and use what’s left do develop your SOP. Learn the implementation cycle by encouraging proper use of SOP’s. Learn how to use SOP’s as a training tool. Learn where to record and keep your SOP’s and discover how and where to keep your SOP’s.

Speaker:  Hope Stevenson
Dave Pomeroy Signature Training

Date(s) - Wednesday, 03/05/2014
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Salt Palace Convention Center, Room 250 C


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