Olympia Chimney Manufacturer Training (Open to everyone with Education Passport)

Olympia Chimney Manufacturer Training (Open to everyone with Education Passport)

This seminar will encompass technical, operational, product specific & marketing details that employ exceptional customer service that is indicative of a Partner in the Business.

The 5 Fundamentals Required to Develop a Successful Business will encompass 5 fundamentals that are essential for building a successful business. Whether you’re selling heating appliances, patio furniture, or cleaning chimneys these 5 fundamentals are a must! Today over 45% of start up businesses fail, you can bet one of these 5 fundamentals is missing! Your instructors have been successful business men helping build a multi- million $ company.

But it doesn’t matter whether you are big or small these fundamentals are important to any company. This class focuses on simple techniques that help build a business with the long term in view.
I.     The Technical Session will address the fundamentals needed to grow your business from a one person operation to a million dollar company. This part of the session will reveal how one manufacturing company turned challenges into opportunities and phenomenal customer service into long-term partnerships!
II.    The Operations & Product Specific areas will discuss the importance of listening to your customers; and, how that conversation can employ operational efficiencies and user friendly products that lead to customer loyalty and the development of a successful business entity!



CEUs — 2

Presented by:

Will Kozlansky
Steve Penatzer
Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc.
Scranton, PA

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Date(s) - Friday, 03/15/2013
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Room N310H


  • Manufacturer Training

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